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How to Change Your Universe

A practical guide to living your greatest life possible!

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Are you ready to live in the universe where ALL your dreams come true?...

Jon Gabriel is an international bestselling author and creator of The Gabriel Method. His books have been translated into 16 languages and are available in 60 countries around the world.

“What a great book!

I just finished reading How To Change Your Universe word by word the second time. I really love it. This is an amazing work!

There are many books talking about modern physics and quantum physics and many articles trying to explain spirituality through quantum physics.

This book is the only one to do it so thoroughly and systematically. I’m sure this will be another best seller.”


World-renowned Qigong Master and healer with over 150,000 students worldwide. 

Author of The Master Key

“I just jumped in and read the chapter on “choosing a universe that’s right for you. And it’s amazing!

Wow. Like game changer.

I can see this as the best of your best work. Wow. Thank you. Deep insights into the true nature of reality.

And all I was seeking was exactly there!


Thank you! Can’t wait to help share this with the world!”


Best selling author and filmmaker behind Food Matters, Hungry For Change, and Transcendence Seasons 1 & 2 and founder of Food Matters and FMTV.  

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Travel consciously through the multiverse to access the life that’s perfect for you!

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve entered a really weird science fiction movie?

Like you’re in an entirely different universe all together?

Maybe you are! 

Quantum physics tells us that we are living in a ‘multiverse’… that there are an infinite number of parallel universes all existing simultaneously. 

And ‘quantum immortality’ tells us that we are traveling from universe to universe all the time without even knowing it. 

But what if you could learn to travel from universe to universe consciously

What if the answers to all your problems and all the world's problems ALREADY EXISTS in other universes?

And... What if you could learn to consciously travel to these better universes at will?

What if you could learn to master the basic principles of ‘universe hopping’ and travel to the best universe where you are living your greatest life possible?

How to Change Your Universe can teach you these basic principles… 

How to Change Your Universe ties quantum physics and metaphysics together to present a MASSIVE paradigm shift in the way we view the world. 

While the ideas in this book are decades away from being accepted into mainstream consciousness, the concepts are grounded in cutting edge physics and the tools presented are practical and simple and can have a profound effect on every aspect of your life!…

"I can't say enough good about this book!"

"This book is very informative and definitely worth the price..."

"This book is a life-changing read."

"What a great book... This is an amazing work!"

"How to Change Your Universe is a gift for those looking to go deeper into spiritual self discovery."

"Once again Jon Gabriel delivers ground breaking and life changing information in a simple and understandable format."

"Well written, extraordinary content... A worthwhile read. Highly recommend!"

"I think my mind blew several times whilst reading this... a beautiful balance of science and spirituality in the most digestible way."

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How to Change Your Universe